Why Is an Oil Free Piston Compressor the Best Option?

oil free piston compressor manufacturers

While choosing industrial compressor manufacturers you have to first decide whether you want oil free piston compressor manufacturers or oil piston manufacturers.

You may have heard that oil free piston compressor manufacturers create heavier-duty, more resilient projects. They might also be the kind you’re most accustomed to and at ease with. So why might an oil-free air compressor be necessary for your facility? In this blog, we will tell you what is an oil free piston compressor and what are the advantages of an oil free piston compressor.

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What Is an Oil-Free Piston Compressor?

Lubrication is necessary for air compressors to keep their internal parts moving and operating correctly. Naturally, the parts of oil-injected air compressors are lubricated with oil within the compression chamber. In contrast, oil is not used in oil-free air compressors; instead, Teflon-coated cylinders or self-lubricating materials are used to keep parts safe and in motion.


Advantages of Free Piston Compressor

The special characteristics of oil-free piston compressors are extremely advantageous in a wide range of applications. The following is a list of four benefits that oil-free air compressors can offer your establishment.


Takes Away Product Implications

Strict cleaning requirements must be fulfilled in some industries in order to guarantee high-quality output. These kinds of applications require an oil-free air compressor, which is not only advantageous. Oil particles cannot come out of the machine and contaminate manufactured goods, as this would compromise their cleanliness and safety.

Basically, you need an oil-free compressor if your application cares about air quality and contaminant levels. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your goods or damage your brand by producing subpar goods.


Reduces The Need For Maintenance

Regular oil changes are necessary for oil-injected air compressors, typically after 200–500 hours of operation. To get rid of oil aerosols, they might also require filtration treatments and air or oil separation. All of that upkeep can add up and cost your company money and effort.

Air compressors without oil don’t require as much ongoing upkeep. Instead, and a much smaller commitment, all you’ll need to do to remove vapor is empty the compressor tank.


Lowers Ownership Cost

The majority of oil-free air compressors have lower starting costs, though this can obviously change based on the product, size, and horsepower that you select. On the other hand, oil-free air compressors can have a substantially lower cost of ownership because they require less routine maintenance.

 Additionally, some oil-free air compressors have regulators built in to make sure the device only draws power when necessary, which can reduce your fuel expenses.


Increases Speed While Lowering Noise

Since oil is viscous and difficult to move, especially in cold weather, oil-injected air compressors need more power to heat up and get going. You can start production right away with an oil-free air compressor because it eliminates the need for additional start-up time.

Oil-free compressors also have the benefit of being silent machines. Some have 48 dBA sound pressure levels. While most facilities don’t prioritize sound, having it is a benefit if your engineers and technicians spend a lot of time near the machine during the workday.



The elimination of a ruined final product, lost production, and tarnished reputation is the best oil-free benefit of all. There is no monetary value to the peace of mind that this provides to customers, staff, and business owners.