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Host appearance and main structure

(1) Junction box (2) Air compression main body (3) Motor (IP67) (4) Shutdown unloading solenoid valve (5) Exhaust tee (R1/2) (6) Detachable cooling fan (IP67).

Machine appearance and main structure

(1) Pressure controller (2) Pressure gauge (3) Pressure sensor (4) Gas tank gas outlet 4-point internal teeth (5) Check valve (6) Drain outlet φ12 gas tank quick-plug connector.

model PowerKW Rated displacement


preset pressure(MPa) Operating control pressure(MPa) Voltage


Dimensions(mm) weight(KG)
GX-V4-6 6 0.64 0.8




380 1130*660*705 180

Matters needing attention

1 Precautions for placement:

1) Place it in a cool, clean and well-ventilated place as much as possible and place it horizontally to ensure that the air sucked by the compressor is clean and dry.

2) The place where the air compressor is placed must be strong, the load-bearing capacity should be greater than the overall weight of the air compressor and safety should be fully considered.

3) For models equipped with a centralized air intake filter, the installation location of the centralized intake air filter should be firm and reliable, and the air intake should be kept away from harmful gases such as flammable and corrosive gases to avoid accidents.

4) The body of this series of models is equipped with a check valve. Please check whether the check valve is effective from time to time when using it.

2 Precautions for electrical wiring:

Four-core cables should be used for high and low voltage wiring to achieve better waterproof and leakage prevention effects.

3 Precautions for phase sequence of high-voltage power supply and polarity of low-voltage power supply:

The heads of this series of air compressors do not require the phase sequence of the high-voltage power supply, but the main power supply line of the air compressor controller has a phase sequence requirement. After wiring, when the controller displays the phase sequence, replace two of the three-phase power lines. The location is fine.

4 The air compressor is working because of the high temperature of the compressed gas, which will produce condensed water in the air tank, so the condensed water in the air tank must be discharged regularly.

5 Precautions for maintenance and repair:

1) All maintenance and repair work must be carried out by professionals. Under special circumstances, it can be carried out under the guidance of professionals. Correct tools must be used and our accessories must be used

2) Before carrying out any maintenance and repair work, it is necessary to disconnect the power connection, release the system pressure, and equip corresponding protective equipment. Maintenance and maintenance can only be carried out when personal safety is ensured and the air compressor is in a stopped state and is not charged or under pressure. repair.

Our company is not responsible for personal injury and property damage caused by incorrect use of the air compressor, non-compliance or incomplete compliance with the safety standards described in this manual, modification (even if it is a minor modification) or tampering and use of non-original spare parts .

Daily maintenance

part check content schedule
every day weekly every 2 months every 6 months Per year
before running running after running
Electrical appliance Terminal connection status
Controller working condition
safety valve working condition
gas tank drain condensate
Pressure test
exhaust line clean appearance
pressure gauge test
check valve working condition
Bolts and Nuts Fastening
pipeline disclosure
sound and vibration abnormal
complete machine clean