V2 Vehicle Air Compressor

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About Product

Air compressor is the main body of the air source device. Its working principle is: a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually a motor) into gas pressure energy, and is a device for generating compressed air. The gas entering is in a natural state, and the compressed air with a certain density is sent to the gas storage tank to form high-pressure air with a pressure higher than 10 kilograms for other parts of the vehicle to do work.

Working principle of piston air compressor

The reciprocating motion of the piston is the rotation of the crank crank driven by the motor, which is converted into the reciprocating motion of the piston sliding.

1 the compression process: when the reciprocating piston in the cylinder moves to the right, the pressure in the left cavity of the piston in the cylinder is lower than the atmospheric pressure pa, the suction valve is opened, and the outside air is sucked into the cylinder.

2Exhaust process: When the pressure in the cylinder is higher than the pressure p in the output air pipe, the exhaust valve opens. Compressed air is sent to the air pipe

As shown in the above table, our vehicle-mounted oil-free air compressor is the smaller, lightest and lowest noise in the vehicle air compressor (see the following figure)


Model Size(mm) Weight(kg) Noise(dB)
HD-V2-Ⅰ 400*350*350 38 72

No tripping design, which is conducive to the safety of vehicle operation

The jumper refers to the air compressor temperature exceeding the rated temperature. In order to protect the air compressor main unit from serious damage or lock, the temperature protection switch is installed; if the air compressor exceeds the rated temperature, the air compressor forcibly stops running.

Our vehicle oil-free air compressor adopts no jumper design to effectively guarantee the normal operation of the vehicle.

High energy efficiency   excellent energy saving performance

Unit Specific Power Standard GB 19153-2019 at 1.0 MPA




Rated power of drive motor


1.5KW 3.0KW 1.8
Standard specific power of primary energy efficiency 11.8 10.6  




Standard specific power of secondary energy efficiency 12.6 11.3
 Three-stage energy efficiency standard specific power 14.3 12.2
Our product specific power and the first standard specific power energy-saving percentage 7.6%
Our product specific power and secondary standard specific power energy-saving percentage 13.5%
Our product specific power and three standard specific power energy-saving percentage 23.8%